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tapAquiz is an all-in-one trivia event application that utilises innovative real time technology, providing a platform where event hosts can use a simple web browser to deliver a fun and interactive trivia experience. Attending teams download our mobile app (free) and turn their mobile device into an answering buzzer. Once registered, you’ll be able to quickly create rounds of questions including pictures, video, and music questions by taking snippets of Youtube clips. Choose from the popular variety of response types on offer ‘ABCD’, ‘True or False’, ‘Numerical’, ‘Where in the world’, and flexible free text. All question answers are hosted in the cloud so you can access them anywhere. Control the amount of time your players have to answer each question and reward the fastest correct answer or take points off for slow / incorrect responses. Cheaters won’t have time to cheat! This application is suitable for fundraising occasions, trivia/quiz professionals, pubs and clubs, charities, churches, schools or just have fun at home with family and friends. tapAquiz is highly customisable, cost effective and easy to setup. There is no fiddling with hardware. No software to download. It is that simple!

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Run an engaging trivia event where nobody cheats.

Perfect for

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So, why use tapAquiz?

Save time & money

Create content faster, organise your event easily, and eliminate the need for pen and paper!

A successful, fun event.

Your audience will be sure to have a fantastic time answering questions instead of sitting around waiting.

No Cheaters!

tapAquiz lets you set time limits, award fastest teams. No more under the table googling, shazaming!

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